5 Bits To Increase Performance Of Your Cordless Drill

Do you know which the most famous and best portable power tool is? Of course, there are many and you might find the list long, but one thing is sure, you won’t miss the battery run cordless driver. This versatile tool is quite common in most household and among various carpenters. However, to get the most of the cordless driver, you need more than a small quantity of drill bits and screwdrivers.

Increasing Performance of Your Cordless Driver

There are various easy to use add-ons which are available online or at home centers for your cordless drill. Also, the best part is that they are affordable and reasonably priced. Let’s check some of them –

1) Power Mixer

You might have used a variety of mixing paddles for your drill, especially to mix paint. However, one thing is sure; nothing will be best and great like the Prazi Stir Whip. Here this so called Strip Whip might be assumed to be a paddle and having mixing blades. Unluckily it is not. Instead, it has a steel shaft, and these are fixed along with nine rubber fingers (flexible). Now, these rubberized fingers are quite stiff enough to mix the toughest and thickest paint but are just supple enough to break or kink. (Read: 20v Cordless Drill Buying Guide)

Compared to the typical mixing paddle, the Stir Whip provides less resistance. So, it means that it puts less strain on the motor of the drill. Also, what makes the Stir Whip different from other is that it can even be used for stirring glues, mortar, liquid fertilizers, epoxies, and the list goes on.

2) Drill Guide

Sometimes you might find it virtually impossible to bore holes in an accurate manner and at a precise depth, even with a portable drill. But if you have a portable drill guide, it is possible. Now, this gadget contains a drill chuck which is attached to a given yoke, and this simply slides down and up, even on both the vertical steel rails.

In addition, the rails’ bottom ends are firmly secured, and that to a flat and wide base. So, what happens is that with the drill fixed to the base, the guide, in short, will be similar to a mini drill press.

3) Drive and Drill Bit

Since cordless drivers are often made for both screw driving and hole drilling, they are one of the major valuable items compared to the drive-and-drill bit. Here, they have two parts, one is a removable and double-ended insert which contains a drill bit right at one end and screw driving kind of tip on the other. The second one is a hex-shank holder which you can use to chuck to the drill.

You can utilize the drill bit for boring the screw pilot holes. Even it can be commonly used for counterbore holes and countersink holes. No doubt, a drive and drill bit allows one to work fast as you won’t even have to mess with the given drill chuck.

4) Right-Angle Attachment

No doubt, there are various kinds of drill accessories that can be used for driving screws and drilling holes in cramped corners and tight spaces. One of the major issues with most of the instruments is that they are often clumsy and bulky for usage. Plus they do a really lousy work in transferring the power right from the drill to the available task.

5) Metal Shears

Most of us won’t even think of using a drill to simply cut metal sheets. However, if you have used the Malco Turbo Shears you would know how much easy and good it is to use this. In this tactically designed instrument, there is a shaft which can simply be used to chuck right into the drill. As you begin to squeeze the trigger of the drill, the Turbo Shears will start to utilize the rotating motion of the chunk, especially for powering the metal-cutting shears.

Winding Up

In short, there are multiple items and secondary instruments to use in order to increase the performance of your cordless drill. But do some research and ask your friends or relatives for suggestions and best measures to increase the performance of your cordless drill.

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