Best 20v Cordless Drill Reviews 2018

Whether you’re just starting out with a small project that you (or your other half) saw on Pinterest, or you’re about to begin some major repairs and renovations to your home, a good drill is an absolute must. But, which one to get?

The good news is there is a wide range of drills available on the market, with cordless ones being more popular than ever because of how easy they are to use.  The bad news is that there is a wide range of 20V cordless drills available. Unless you’re a DIY guru, deciding on the one that’s going to get the job done can be very intimidating.

So, how do you decide which is the best 20-volt cordless drill? There are a few things to consider before committing to a power tool, and while a specific make or model won’t tick all the boxes, it should meet enough for you to be happy with your purchase.

Comparison Table

Product ImageProduct NameCustomer RatingsPrice
DEWALT DCD995M2DEWALT DCD995M24.7Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
DEWALT DCK281D2DEWALT DCK281D24.8Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
ingersoll Rand D5140-K1Ingersoll Rand D5140-K15.0Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
DEWALT DCD790D2DEWALT DCD790D24.6Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
PORTER-CABLE PCCK602L2PORTER-CABLE PCCK602L24.6Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
Rockwell RK1806K2 20VRockwell RK1806K2 20V4.1Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
Black & Decker BDCDMT120Black & Decker BDCDMT1204.6Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on

Buying Guide

We’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to make the job a little easier but, before you do anything, we suggest you decide what you will be using it for. There’s no point spending $200 on a drill that’s going to be used to hang picture frames on the wall or remove those irritating little screws found on kids’ toys packaging. You also don’t want to buy a drill for $50 that’s going to burn out within a day or two because it isn’t powerful enough. Make sure you match the drill to the job.

If you’re buying a cordless drill for DIY jobs around the house, a 20V is perfect. Should there come a time you need an industrial-sized drill, you can always hire one.

There are a few key features to consider:

  • Voltage
  • Weight
  • Battery type
  • Accessories



Cordless drills range from 7.2-volt models to ones that have 20 volts or more. The most popular drills are 12- and 18-volts, with some DIYers also choosing 20V because they’re powerful enough for the majority of home jobs. Anything higher means faster drilling and screw-driving but that’s best left to the professionals who the experience, the skill and the need for speed.


As with everything nowadays, cordless drills have gotten lighter, with some weighing under five pounds; however,you have to make sure that it has good balance. When you’re deciding on which is the best 20V cordless drill for you, grip the handle in your hand and lift it toward the wall as if you’re about to use it. The chuck should be pointing straight at the wall without you straining to keep it from tilting.


Even batteries have progressed and lithium-ion batteries have replaced nickel-metal-hydride and nickel-cadmium ones. They’re much better because they weigh less, recharge quicker and last longer, but there is a downside – they’re pricey and in some cases could cost more to replace than the actual drill.

While definitely not essential, it is nice to get a few accessories with your drill.You feel like you’re getting your money’s worth and some of them are pretty cool additions to your tool box. These could include:

  • Built-in level and/or light
  • Batterycharge indicator
  • A smart battery charger that is able to recharge within 15 to 60 minutes
  • An extra battery
  • A warranty


The Best 20Volt Cordless Drills Reviewed by Us

1) DEWALT DCD995M2 –


DEWALT is by far one of the top manufacturers of power tools and this particular model makes our best 20-Volt cordless drill list for a number of reasons. It delivers on durability and reliabilitymaking it the hammerdrill of choice for DIY hobbyists and enthusiasts as well as professionals wanting to add a 20V cordless drill to their toolbox.

The DCD995M2 is lightweight and provides excellent balance and control while in use, and the 3-speed gearbox with drilling speeds of up to 2,000RPM puts it in a league of its own. Built to last, the design of the brushless motor increases the performance of the cordless drill and the premium Lithium-Ion batteries ensures that it runs for longer periods of time. This means less down time for you because you’re not waiting for it to recharge and you don’t have to worry about replacing them regularly.


2) DEWALT DCK281D2  –


This 20-volt Drill and  Impact Driver combo kit from DEWALT is considered to be one of the best-selling cordless combo tool kits available on the market. It includes the DCD790 20V cordless drilland the DCF886 20V impact driver. Both of these tools are lightweight and compact in size, allowing you to get into those confined spaces. As with all of DEWALT’s drills, both of these have brushless motors, which makes them even more efficient. The kit includes 2 XR Lithium-ion batteries and a 20V battery charger.


3. Ingersoll Rand D5140-K1

ingersoll Rand D5140-K1

This powerful cordless tool from Ingersoll delivers 700 lbs of torque that allow you to take on the most difficult applications in the fastest amount of time, easily and conveniently. The all-metal single-sleeve ratcheting and locking chuck allows you to use the drill with onehand and it assists with strong bit retention. It features an adjustable side handle that provides better control during high-intensity drilling applications. The kit includes one 20V Li-Ion 3.0 AH battery and a charger.




The DEWALT DCD790D2 is another brushless motor drill, powered by 20V Lithium-Ion batteries. There are two different speed settings which make it easy to use and the lowest setting allows your drill to double up a screwdriver. The drill has 15 clutch settings that can be used while in thelower speed to prevent you stripping the or sinking them too deep into the wood or wall.  The high setting – 0-2,000 RPMs – is meant for drilling holes in wood and metal and it is capable of drilling 2” holes in wood and ½” ones in metal. A definite selling point is the long battery life and the 3-year warranty.




This combo tool kit from Porter-Cable includes a cordless drill and a high torque impact driver. The kit comes with all the necessary attachments and accessories to complete jobs on wood, plastic and metal and the 2-speed gearboxallows you to take on different types of drilling and fastening jobs, easily and with very little downtime. This Porter-Cable tool weighs a mere 3.8 lbs and is approximately 7.6 inches in length, which means you can tackle jobs in those difficult-to-reach spaces. The PCCK602L2 also hasa built-in LED light for added convenience.


6. Rockwell RK1806K2 20V

Rockwell RK1806K2 20V

The Rockwell RK1806K2 kit includes one 20-Volt cordless drill and an impact screwdriver. Designed for home use, it is compact and light, to access those tight spaces and the built-in LED light allows you to see what you’re doing in the dark. The batteries on the cordless drill and screwdriver come with a lifetime replacement guarantee and a belt with hooks is included.


7. Black & Decker BDCDMT120

Black & Decker BDCDMT120

The BDCMT120 is a 20-Volt drill that comes with a “Matrix Quick Connect System” that lets you use different drill heads depending on the job you’re doing. It can be used for different drilling and fastening jobs across all types of surfaces, including wood, plastic and metal. It is powered by 20V Lithium-Ionbatteriesand holds a charge up to 18 months. The BDCDM120 weighs 4.3 pounds and has a 3/8 inch chuck with 10 different clutch settings. Accessories include a battery charger and a double-ended bit tip.


Benefits of using 20v cordless drill


A cordless drill means you can use it wherever you are; you don’t need to worry about power sockets and you can complete jobs in the tightest of spaces because of its compact size.


The 20V cordless drill gets the job done in the shortest time compared to models with a lower voltage, but it’s still suitable for DIY hobbyists.

There you go, we have given you our best 20-volt cordless drill list for 2018 and we think it’s a comprehensive one. Of course, there are loads of other makes and models available but at least now you know what to look for when shopping for a cordless drill. Happy DIYing!