Best Lithium Ion Cordless Drills 2017 – Detailed Review of Top Selling Models

From past few years, many manufacturers have started offering lithium-ion powered cordless drills. These batteries are light in weight, can hold charge for longer period of time and offer more run time per charge as compared to the traditional nickel-cadmium batteries. Initially, the power tool manufacturing companies came up with 28v or 36v models. Although these drills were very strong and were able to bore holes in to hard surfaces with ease, their heavy weight made them less mobile. To add more mobility, the manufacturers started to introduce cordless drills powered by 18v and 20v lithium ion batteries.


Top Selling Models

Product ImageProduct NameTorque/UWOCustomer RatingsPrice


535 UWO4.9/5 (60+Reviews)Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on

Makita XFD03 18V

750 in. lbs4.7/5 Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on

Bosch CLPK232A

600 in. lbs (drill)
1500 in. lbs (Impact Driver)
4.8/5 (190+Reviews)Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on


460 UWO4.9/5 (20+Reviews)Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on

Hitachi DS18DSAL

460 in. lbs4.6/5 (360+Reviews)Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on

Milwaukee 2691-22

400 in. lbs (Drill)
1400 in. lbs (Impact Driver)
4.8/5(540+Reviews)Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on



350 UWO4.5/5(340+Reviews)Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on

Milwaukee M18

500 in.lbs4.6/5Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on

People prefer to buy drills, which are light in weight and compact in size, so that they can work for long duration of time without putting too much pressure on their wrist and arm. If the tool is low in weight, the operator will be required to put in less effort to keep the drill stable and pointed towards the target surface. (Read: Corded Impact Wrench Buying Guide) The nickel-cadmium batteries are comparatively heavier and big in size. By using li-ion batteries, the manufacturers are able to reduce the overall weight of the tool. Apart from being compact, these new age batteries take very less time to charge, sometimes as little as 30 minutes. The ability to retain charge for longer period of time (as long as 18 months) when not in use is another reason why people around the world want their power tools to work on these batteries.

Below you will find list of some of the best cordless drills powered by lithium ion batteries


DEWALT DCD980M2 20V Review Article Pic

This big yellow tool from Dewalt is one of the best 20v lithium ion powered drill that you can get in market today. The DCD880M2 is a solid tool, with great ergonomic design and long battery life. You get 3 speed transmission with this tool, that allows you to undertake projects which require slow speed (for  fastening screws) as well as fast speed (for boring holes). This heavy duty variant yields 535 UWO of power which is sufficient enough to fasten screws and bore holes in tough surfaces with ease. The carbide inserts on the 1/2′ metal chuck enhances the gripping strength and ensures that bit stays in its place while on the job. The LED lights on this unit come with 20 second trigger delay feature, which many DIY enthusiasts and craftsman have found to be very useful. When you buy this tool, you will also get a one-hour charger for (4.0 AH) batteries. If you are looking for a good drill with long battery life, you must consider this option. (Also Read: Best 20v Cordless Drills )



2) Makita XFD03 18V

Makita XFD03 18V Review article pic 1


Makita is a very reputed brand in power tools segment. The Makita LXFD03 is one of the top rated cordless drill that comes with lithium ion batteries which provide this tool with longer battery life and short charge time. It is a solid tool, with a capacity of yielding 750 in.lbs of torque, allowing you to drill in different varieties of tough surface without any problem. You get the option to run this tool in two speed options of 0-400 RPM and 0-2000 RPM. These speed options can be used according to the functions you wish to perform with this tool. The company claims that this variant comes with an extra protection technology which prevents this tool from getting damaged from dust and water on site.


3) Bosch CLPK232A

Bosch CLPK232A Pic2


The Bosch CLPK232A-181 is a combo tool kit that comes with a cordless drill and an impact driver. Both the tools offer an impressive combination of power and design. Once you have this bosch product, you will be able to execute jobs which require strong turning force, high drilling speed and extreme precision.  This drill and impact driver combo is very light in weight comes in very compact design. The DDS181A has an overall head length of 7.0 inches and can produce 600 in.lbs of torque, while the impact driver (Bosch 25618) can yield up to 1500 in. lbs and is comparatively smaller with the head length of 5.7 inches. The drill’s heavy duty and high quality chuck prevents the bit from slipping when fastening screws on tough surfaces. If you are looking for a lithium-ion battery powered power tool combo, you must consider this option.





Dewalt is a very popular brand when it comes to quality power tools, the Dewalt DCD791D2 is one such tool which lives up to its reputation. It comes with a brushless motor that provide 57% more run time in comparison to other variants. This model comes with a fuel gauge that helps you in monitoring the battery performance. This Dewalt cordless tool is powered by 20v Lithium ion batteries, which are known to provide 33% more run time on every charge. As you will get two fast charging batteries with this tool, you are less likely to face any down time related to dead batteries. You get the option of 2 easily adjustable speed settings, the slow settings for driving screws and fast settings for drilling jobs.


5) Hitachi DS18DSAL

Hitachi DS18DSAL rpic1


The Hitachi DS18DSAL is one of very few cordless drills available in market which has a very favorable customer ratings. The speed and power combination of this model is simply amazing; it can generate up to lbs of torque and has a max speed of 1500 RPM. To add versatility this Hitachi model offers 22+1 clutch setting options and 2 speed options. These options allow you to have better control over the drill, so that you can fasten screws and bore holes with max precision. Clutch settings are very useful and help you to fasten screws accurately, without driving them too deep in to the surface. You will be able to use numerous varieties of bits with the 1/2″ ratcheting chuck on this unit. The LED light is a useful addition to this tool, which allow you to work normally in dark and confined areas.


6) Milwaukee 2691-22

Milwaukee 2691-22 Picr 3

This solid cordless power tool kit from Milwaukee is one of the best selling combo kit in this product segment. The drill is just 7-3/4 inches in length and punches of turning force. The compact impact driver in this kit yields 1400 in.lbs of torque and comes with a 4-pole frameless motor. Both these tools provide long battery life to ensure that you do not run out of juice before completion of task. Other features include- Fuel gauge for easy battery management, LED light to work in dark/low-light areas and Speed trigger for better RPM control. Milwaukee offers massive 5 year warranty with this variant, you are very less likely to find another model in the market which offer similar warranties.



DEWALT DCD760KL Pic Review1


This lightweight drill from Dewalt runs on 18v lithium-ion batteries. You will be able to easily use and maneuver this drill in tight and confined places, thanks to its compact size. There are two speed options in this variant, 0-500 RPM and 0-1700 RPM. The slow speed combined with strong turning force provides you a perfect solution for fastening screws in tough material with required precision. Because of light weight and compact size of the batteries, the manufacturer has been able to reduce the overall weight and size of this variant. Customers claim, that they are able to get a run time of 4-5 hours with a 30-minute charge. If you are looking for a powerful drill, which can run at high speeds, you must consider this option.


8) Milwaukee M18 2606-21CT

 Milwaukee M18 2606-21CT Review Drill

This Milwaukee power tool offers two speed variations of 0-400 RPM and 0-1800 RPM. It features a 4 pole-frameless motor, that helps the unit to yield 500 in.lbs of turning force. The tool kit comes with one hard case and one li-ion battery. This model comes with features like ‘Redlink Intellignece’, which protects this tool from overload arising out of ‘abusive situations’. The company claims that the battery provides 40% more Run-time as compared to other batteries. The power packed model comes at an attractive price and is a perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen.


Three Big Benefits of Choosing a Lithium Ion over a Nicad Cadmium

1) These batteries are smaller in size, require vey less maintenance and are more environment friendly as compared to old Ni-Cad batteries

2) Tools powered by these advanced batteries are light in weight and are able to generate moe torque and higher speeds.

3) These batteries take very less time to charge, some times as little as 30 minutes. If you buy a drill, which comes with two batteries, you will be able to eliminate low battery related down time on the job.