Bosch DDS181-02 Review

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This is a quick review of the Bosch DDS181-02 cordless drill.

Best Features

  • Comes with a powerful and reliable 4-pole open frame motor
  • Features an FPS or Optional Flexible Power System which provides you with choices like Minimum Weight and Max Run Tie
  • LED light that provides illumination while you work
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reliable Lithium-Ion HC batteries which provide additional 50% runtime

The Bosch DDS181-02 operates at high force and quick speeds. It also boasts a sturdy construction. It is capable of delivering 600 inch-pounds of force and it features two optimized speeds. If you are looking to operate the drill for prime speed applications, you’ll be glad to know that it can run at 0-1700 RPM. For prime force applications, it can run at 0 – 500 RPM. ( Top 20v Cordless Drill Brands )

The DDS181-02 also comes with an ergonomic handle. Even when used for an extended period of time, the drill feels snug due to its soft clutch wrapped housing. For added performance, Bosch has added LED lights, which you can use to illuminate your work area.

Also, the lithium-ion batteries that come included with the drill can provide 50% more run time compared to traditional drills. It also comes with an electronic battery gauge so that you will know it’s time to change batteries.

The Review

The DDS181-02 can be considered a general-duty drill intended for home and professional use. It is capable of completing any task due to its powerful torque. Although the DDS181-02 may not fare well if pitted against a dedicated impact driver, it is still a capable driver compared to the ones sold on the market. It is recommended for woodworkers and carpenters.

Similar to most Bosch products, the DDS181-02 has a professional feel to it. All seams are tight and you can rarely feel any rattle. The grip is pleasant to use even for an extended period of time. The trigger of the drill is also precise. It is easy to choose and hold a specific speed. It does have some dead space upon start up, but it does not affect the overall performance of the machine. ( Read: Tips on Buying Best Cordless Drills)

It does have one issue though – the speed selector switch at the top of the drill can be difficult to move at times. You will need to use at least two fingers to actuate the switch. Nonetheless, the switch snaps into place with a satisfying clicking sound. This is a clear indication that the switch and the gearbox are durable.

The rotation direction selector switch is also built well. The DDS181-02 also comes with an LED light which can really be convenient when working in low light conditions. The LED lights come on when you press the trigger. It automatically turns off as soon as you release the trigger.

The Bosch DDS181-02 is a very capable drill that is worthy to be included in anyone’s arsenal of power tools. Being a member of the Bosch family, the drill can last for years – given that you provide it with ample care and maintenance.


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