Building A Storage Dock For Cordless Drills

It is pity to dispose of your cordless power instruments in various molded cases. Not only it will take a lot of time to search for them, but you will not even know whether the entire set is available or if the battery is charged or not.

What you really need is a wall-mounted tool station or storage dock. And it is quite easy to construct one and won’t be something that your regret.

Building A DIY Storage Dock For Your Power Instruments

 The following are the procedures you need to follow to build a strong and excellent storage unit

1) Cutting Main Parts

The first step is to get the required food pieces of the required height and width to build. You need the following plywood items –


  • Pieces of 3/4” plywood, 10 x 24” long which is for the sides of the unit
  • Pieces of 3/4″ plywood, 17 7/8 x 24” long which is for the back of the unit
  • Pieces of 2 x 2 board, 19 3/8 long which is just for mounting cleats
  • Pieces of 3/4″ plywood, 10 x 19 3/8” which is for the bottom of the unit
  • Pieces of 1 x 6 board, 17 7/8” long which is for the top part of the shelf
  • Pieces of 2 x 4 board, 12” long which is mounting the storage unit on the wall
  • Pieces of hardboard, 9 x 17 3/8” long which is for the drawer base
  • Pieces of 1 x 4 board, 17 3/8” long which is for the front and back of the drawer
  • Pieces of 1 x 4 board, 7 1/2″ long which is for the sides of the drawer
  • Pieces of 1 x 10 board, 17 7/8” long which is for the full-depth shelves

2) Creating Shelf

First, you must place the drills in a row. This can be done by creating the slotted shelf for hanging them safely. Then take the 1 x 10 shelving piece and crave a U shape on it. It is best if you mark the slots using a pencil and straightedge just before cutting. Make sure that the slots are spaced evenly. ( Best Selling Cordless Drills 2017)

3) Bind Sides To Back

For this, you must take and align two 10 x 24” plywood side pieces and place it over the edges of a 17 7/8 x 24” of the back piece. With your drilling tool, just place three or four 1 1/2” wood screws right into the sides of the wood, thereby developing a square angle.

4) Attaching the Bottom

Now you must place the unit on a single side and put the bottom 10 x 19 3/8” plywood on the top of the back and side pieces. Make sure that the edges are flush. Then you need to secure the bottom to back and side using a wood screw, where there should be two on each side and also make sure one must be at the center of the back. (Read: Which Corded Impact Wrench gives you best value for money.)

5) Installing Mounting Cleats

Here you need to get the plywood to face up. Then simply add the two cleats (2 x 2) horizontally. It has to be either on the bottom and top of the unit and make sure to use two wood screws. Now, these pieces will give enough space among the wall and unit which will allow the cords to move and help in the mounting the storage shelf.

6) Assembling Frame

Now you must try to create a frame of the rectangular drawer. This is done by taking two 7 1/2” pieces of 1 x 4 into the two 17 3/8” pieces of 1 x4. Then you need to assemble the drawer using the two wood screws right at the joints. Make sure that the frame is set aside.

7) Make A Hole For Cords

Keep in mind that the charging station’s top shelf is used mainly for charging battery and cords. You need to run them in a neat manner just behind the charging station. And for that, you need to cut a small hole right at the unit’s back.

8) Adding Shelves

Here the first shelf will be like a lid for the drawer. So, you need to keep the 1 x10 shelf pieces right among the unit’s side. The 3 3/4” must be at the bottom and it needs to be secured with wooden screws. So, now you must put the slotted shelf 9 1/2” right up from the first shelf and make sure that it is secured at the both sides.

9) Completing The Unit

Now you need to smooth the edges which are rough and even remove any kind of splintering. If you want you can sue wood finish but try to make sure that you cut down the drying time.


 It is easy to create a good and strong storage unit for storing your tools and instruments. Just follow the steps given in this article and you can easily have a strong and useful storage unit. Go ahead and try.

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