Buying Higher Watt-hour Batteries Can Save You Time and Money

It is common for people to have doubts on whether higher watt-hour batteries are worth their money and time. Consumers really do have a tough time while making the decision of whether to select high watt-hour batteries or the lower one. As most of you know that when you are investing on drill kit, it is a long term investment and for that you need to ensure that the batteries are powerful and long-lasting.

For finding out whether high watt-hour batteries are indeed economical compared to the lower ones, you need to follow certain test. In this article, you can check out one of the common test that can provide the best results and which you can easily do it by yourself.

Testing Higher Watt-Hour Batteries For Performance

For the experiment, firstly you must charge all the batteries to the full capacity. Once the batteries are charged, then you need to take a plywood sheet. Make sure that you cut the 4×8 of the 3/4 plywood into four inch by forty-eight inch strips. Then you must ensure that you fasten at least three strips together so that it becomes a testing board.

Frankly, all you really need to have is at least twelve boards, and three for each battery that is tested. Then you must mark each of the testing board using a half an inch grid and for that use a tape measure, marker, and of course the laser-etched square. So, once the board is marked, you need to place the plywood boards on sawhorses. After that you need to put a depth setting #2 on the drill/driver. ( Check: Best Lithium Ion Battery Powered Cordless Drills 2017 )

The reason on why the setting #2 bit is placed, is to get consistency in fastening the depth so that the results can be even out. Then start with the freshly charged 14Wh battery to find out how many screws will it take to fasten before the battery drain. Then you need to recharge the battery and perform the test two more times to find out the average. As the test progresses, you will see that you are able to drive more screws while using higher Watt-hour batteries.

Price of the Higher Watt Batteries

Now during the test, you can also see that even though many assume that Higher-Watt batteries cost a lot, while actually it is not. Basically, the higher Watt-hour batteries cost lesser in terms of the Wh. The major reason for this is because of the volume costs savings. And sometimes it can even be due to the fact that such a larger battery can be new or latest to the market. If you do a simple calculation you can see that based on the total battery cost which needs to be divided by the Watt-hours number.

Therefore, you can clearly see that based on the calculation Higher-Watt batteries might be expensive but on a long run they are quite economical. This is what major people really miss out.


Frankly, through the calculation and experiment, you can know that Higher Watt batteries are very much economical. On a long run they provide extensive benefits in terms of the time and money. So, don’t stop yourself from purchasing a Higher-Watt battery.


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