Cordless Drill/Driver vs Impact Driver: Which is better and which do you need?

Do you remember the first time when you wanted to drill a hole? It was quite easy and one of the best experience where you felt independent for being out of your parent’s house. A proud moment for your dad as he takes you to the local hardware store, where he introduces you to the fraternities of the drilling or tool group and where you really enjoy interacting with the Black & Decker drill, getting to know more about it and even taking it home.

Ah! Those were the days of manhood. However, things have changed now, as you are bestowed with various options on drilling and woodwork. And the same implies with instruments especially when you are confused with cordless drill and impact driver. Both are really necessary and par by excellent, but you are bound to get confused on whom to select.

Impact Driver Vs Drill

Let’s check on how the cordless drill or driver and impact driver works. Each of them is different and their usage even varies to a slight extend

  • Driver/Cordless Drill

A driver can spin the chuck which is present at the front of the drill. Of course, nowadays most of the chucks available online and department stores are keyless. So, it means you won’t need that funny looking key which bends to ninety degrees for changing the bits. (Check: 20v Cordless drill reviews)

Here, you only need to just hold the chuck and twist it one way so that it becomes loose and other way to tighten it. In addition, its chuck is quite strong and can easily hold on to any shape which can fit it and this even includes the circular drill bits. Do you know that various drills got variety torque settings and speed levels?

  • Impact Drivers

Just like the cordless drill, the impact driver works in a similar manner. It spins the bit which is attached by you. Most of the time while you are using the drill especially for driving a screw, you are bound to come across a point where the drill won’t move further. Now here the drill is using all its torque and power, still, it is unsuccessful in budging the bolt or screw.

This is where you need to use the impact driver. Just imagine a situation where you are dealing with a bolt and it is quite difficult to budge. So, as usual, you end up taking a ratchet to get an extra leverage. Still, you end up without being able to budge it. And for knocking it loose, you take out your hammer and start to whack the ratchet’s handle so that you can get extra and a small torque.

Now, this is basically what an impact driver does, but with a slight difference that it can do this procedure thousand times each minute. So, what happens is that when it reaches toBest Impact Drivers a point where the bolt gets stuck, there is a mechanism present inside the machine which will start to automatically hit the chuck which continuously tightens or loosens the bold or drives the screw.

No doubt, the impact drivers is stronger compared to the drill, especially in the manner which it delivers the extra torque to break loose and stuck bolts or screws and even to drive them further deeper. (Best Impact Drivers)

Winding Up

For projects where you might need to drive a lot of screws, especially very huge or long ones, then it is best if you use the impact driver. Impact drivers are apt for creating decks, screwing plywood subfloors, and installing backer boards. However, if you aren’t going to work on such type of projects then there is no harm in trying out the driver or cordless drill.

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