DEWALT DCF895D2 1/4 inch Impact Driver Review


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There are lots of impact drivers in the market that claim high torque values, longer runtimes, battery efficiency, etc., but there are few things about this driver that makes it a winner:

  • Its DEWALT brushless motor that offers over 57% more efficiency and runtime
  • A variable three-speed torque
  • A push-button which enables you to use it even on one-handed operations
  • A compact and light design, measuring only 5.25 inches from front to back and weighs only 3.6 lbs.
  • Three LEDs around its chuck to offset shadows
  • XR Li-Ion batteries that have 33% more power than the standard ones

Its brushless design allows the device to use its batteries efficiently. Such feature also allows the motor to generate less heat even on long operations. Less generated heat means longer motor life. Its variable and user-friendly three-speed torque is suitable for any given situation. Its lowest speed setting is very suitable for delicate jobs like installation of electrical plates. Its medium-speed setting is ideal for burying screws in woods, and its highest torque settings is applicable for fast and efficient burying bolts and screws into wood or concrete. And when a certain amount of resistance or pressure is met, its “hammer” automatically kicks in. Once the “hammer” kicks in, even a 3-inch screw can be driven into an SPF wood without any hesitation.

The device also comes with a soft push-button, making this tool very suitable even on tight, one-handed operations. Its sunken chuck makes its overall design distinctive from its competitors. With such chuck design, any inserted impact bit will automatically engage. Its release mechanism is also effortless. Engaging or disengaging any impact bit is painless even with a single hand.

The tool is compact and light. Measuring only 5.25 inches from front to back and weighing only 3.6 lbs, the device is easy to carry and fit even on tight working areas. Also, around its chuck are three LEDs that provide illumination even after the trigger is released. The LEDs have 20-second delay after the trigger release, allowing visibility and work admiration even when on shadows or in the dark.

Its batteries are also impressive. Along with the efficient motors, the driver never slows down even when the power is low. Its running speed and power are consistent until the battery runs out. Considering its power, the tool can drill over 1,700 1/14” screws into a 2x SPF wood, or over 1, 200 ¾” self-tapping screws into a GA sheet metal; all in one single battery charge. The batteries also charge fast. The XR™ Li-Ion batteries are well-engineered, even the latching mechanism and the battery fuel gauge work perfectly as they should.

For portability, the device’s package comes with a removable belt hook. It also comes with an accessory box for neat and orderly storage.

Be it driving into woods or into concrete, you will be amazed on how this device works. It is light, sturdy, and powerful. The DEWALT DCF895D2 is sure to deliver power and precision on any given situation.


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