Ingersoll Rand 2235TIMAX Air Impact Wrench Review

Ingersoll Rand 2235TIMAX Review


Best Features

  • Ingersoll Rand (2235TIMAX) 1/2″ Drive Air Impact Wrench provides a reverse torque that reaches a maximum of 930 ft. lbs.
  • Provides an overall torque of 1350 ft. lbs. for fastening or loosening nuts
  • Designed with finely modified twin hammer impact mechanism
  • Known for its superior durability.
  • Built with steel-wear plate
  • Has a hammer case made of titanium, and a composite housing for protecting the wrench

Ingersoll Rand (2235TIMAX) Overview

Whether you need to take off or put on nuts and bolts, the Ingersoll Rand (2235TIMAX) 1/2″ Drive Air Impact Wrench is the tool made for the job. It is suitable for use in both manufacturing and construction industries, and can deliver the power needed for any job. What makes it different from other Ingersoll series is that the 2235TIMAX has improved features and additional specifications. (Read : Impact Wrench Reviews)

Review for Ingersoll Rand (2235TIMAX)

2235TIMAX boasts improved user experience, mainly because of these enhanced features:

Improved Torque

It can remove nuts at a torque of 8500RPM. This power allows you to remove any bolts that are attached by anything with an impact of around 1350 ft. per pound, while its reverse torque power can reach an impact of 930 ft. lbs. maximum.

Powerful Twin Hammer Mechanism

The twin hammer mechanism that this tool has can deliver both the performance and power needed to get any job done. This combination guarantees that users get the best results for any job.

Noise Quality

With its quiet tool technology, the noise created during operation is minimized to about 109 decibels – and that’s a bit lower than those of other regular impact tools on the market.

Elegant and Durable Titanium Finish

This impact tool has a titanium finish that guarantees durability. It is shock resistant and allows you to work for long hours without feeling fatigue.

 Offers Comfort despite Long Term Use

It is lightweight, making it portable – easy enough to be carried around. It provides a good grip that lets you use the product with great balance during operation. Consistency with each blow is guaranteed whether you are putting or removing nuts and bolts.

What Users Are Saying

Most customers who have used the product were fairly impressed with its performance and overall build. They find it worth their money and it definitely met their expectation. It’s only to be expected though, since satisfaction is what the manufacturer guarantees.


Considering all the features Ingersoll Rand (2235TIMAX) 1/2″ Drive Air Impact Wrench has to offer, this impact tool can be a great addition to anyone’s tool box. Those wanting a user-friendly and powerful air impact wrench will surely appreciate Ingersoll’s offering, especially given its extra torque power that makes it better and more powerful than previous versions from the 2135 series.

Basically, the product is best suited for general automotive use, general industrial applications, and also for repairs of heavy equipment or machines. Once you’ve tried using it firsthand, you’ll find out just how tough this version is, even though it keeps the basic design and controls of earlier guns.



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