Makita LXFD01CW Cordless Drill Review

Makita LXFD01CW Drill Review


Here is a quick review of the Makita LXFD01CW.

Best Features

  • Comes with 4-pole motor that provides an impressive 480 in-lbs of max torque
  • Features two different speed options that cover a wide range of drilling applications
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with a built-in LED light for better illumination while working
  • Excellent battery life

The Makita LXFD01CW is a highly-recommended compact drill driver for home and professional use. The tool only weighs approximately 3.3 pounds and measures 7-9/16 in length. This cordless drill comes with a 2-speed metal transmission, a reliable four-pole motor, and a built-in LED light that provides you with ample illumination while working.

The drill is rated to deliver approximately 480 inch-pounds at maximum torque, which is more than enough for any drilling work. In terms of torque rating, it is important to note that each manufacturer measures it differently. Being a member of the PTI or Power Tool Institute, the company has published the PTI rating of the LXFD01CW which is 20 inch-pounds – the industry standard in terms of measuring torque in drills.

The LXFD01CW has a drilling capacity of 1-1/2” in wood and ½” in steel. It also features an all-metal transmission which is designed to operate at two speeds. For low torque settings, the motor is capable of delivering 0—1500 RPM. On the other hand, the motor can deliver 0 – 400 ROM in high torque setting. (Read : Buying Guide – 20v Cordless Drills)

The Review

The product is a pleasure to use, especially when dealing with plastic, wood, and metal. The motor that comes with the drill provides excellent speed and torque. This makes the drill capable of drilling into any material with ease at fast speeds. While the drill is neither the most powerful nor the fastest on the market, its overall performance can be classified as average.

In driver mode, the drill delivers fairly well. Compared to its competitors, the LXFD01CW can easily work without any compromise. However, when you compare the LXFD01CW to pure drivers, its performance could be somewhat underwhelming. Getting the fastener started may be an issue at first but things become easy once you get used to it.

The main selling point of the product is its compact size and lightweight nature. During all the tests performed on the drill, it felt better compared to other full-size cordless drills. Despite its size, you can easily drill a hole with perfect access. Properly positioning the drill is also a breeze.

If you are looking to drill large holes, the LXFD01CW can perform really well but you can’t expect that it can perform just like a full-size drill. It tends to spin around due to its low mass. This usually happens when you drive screws at high torque. (Read Report – Which Cordless Drills to buy in 2017 ?)

Overall, the Makita LXFD01CW is an impressive drill and an average driver. Driving performance is on par with most drivers in the market. The LXFD01CW excels well when doing regular, everyday tasks. It is still a must-buy in terms of quality. Makita products are known for their durability and overall performance.


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