Some other Tools you must have if You Already Have a Cordless Drill

Being a dedicated tradesperson or DIY-er, you really need a good cordless drill for your repair work. Of course, if you are a normal handyman, it is indeed good to have a drill at your home or office. You can extensively use it to hang up pictures, do craft projects, and avoid the wastage of time involved in assembling the latest IKEA.

Now you might assume to go with a normal one but always opt for one that has a huge amount of torque and power which is suitable for screw-driving or drilling into various materials. Also, select one which has one or two battery pack, along with a lot of juice and innumerable features like speed settings and various gears.

Keep in mind that a serious cook won’t simply go to work or prepare food using cheap knives. So, you really need to keep in track of the bargain that you are in, especially while purchasing as this needs to be one of the major aspect of your DIY arsenal. (Best Corded Impact Wrench 2017)


Always make sure that while you are drilling holes, you need to provide protection to your eyes. This is especially when you are drilling into steel. Now if you are planning to wear a safety glass, go for one which is comfortable and provides extensive protection. There are various safety glasses having extensive features like anti-fog coating which are easily available online.

Another important element you need to have is drill bits. Before you jump into handling complex projects, it is best if you opt for general purpose twist drills. You need to try the ones that have about a 135-degree split point. Try to go for the ones which can drill wood, mild steel, plastic, etc which can easily help in creating tiny holes on floors, walls, ceilings. (Check: Best Impact Drivers Reviewed)

Required Supplies

Here the first thing you require is the information and that is simple to get. Most of the precision hand tools manufacturers often come up with free PDFs containing the procedures on how to use their tools and equipment. These booklets will be the best guide to match the size of the drill to the appropriate tap. This is especially when you are trying to create threaded holes for screws and bolts.

Always make sure that you don’t use cutting fluid for lubricating the bit, especially when you are going to bore it in steel. Now this will simply make the hole easier to drill and will make the bits sharper and longer.

Other Extras

Now you might feel that there are various extras that you need to keep in hand, but only certain or selected ones are necessary. One of them is the pocket hole drilling system. Using it you can easily and neatly combine two pieces of wood while building cabinets, furniture, and other interesting projects.

Now you might be an avid and enthusiastic woodworker, and in that case, you might really want to countersink drill bits. This is especially when you are going to purchase in sets or individually. So, what happens is that it not only makes it simple and neat for installing countersunk screws but even allows to drill holes, especially for setting hinges.

Wrapping Up

Frankly, the above list of equipment can be a great tool and an extra feature to your cordless drill. Do check them out and see how well you can enjoy your woodwork.

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