The Most Powerful Cordless Drills Head to Head

Cordless drills went through a huge makeover when manufacturers replaced the old age batteries to the latest lithium-ion battery, many years ago. The extensive feature of good energy density combined with light weight really improvised the usage of the cordless drills. So, it was not surprising to see that the nickel-cadmium batteries went out of the market and the lithium-ion took charge.

Many tool firms introduced the lithium-ion based batteries in two versions. These versions 28 and 36-volt really revolutionized the tool market, as they had great power, however were quite unwieldy. Currently, most of the manufacturers are introducing the nimbler and small 18-volt models. This kind of shift is indeed great but one needs to find out and test whether they are worth for the homeowners needs.

Here we have taken 3 high profile cordless drills and made them go through the hammer test to find out their worth. So, let’s check them out.


As you all know the hard way of testing a cordless drill is just by driving screws and boring holes, which can really create a distorted picture in terms of performance. Here, the best method would be to merge both the methods so that it can show how the machine works in a handyman’s day’s work.  The test was simple and the first thing we did was to use fresh 1-inch spade bit on each drill and then we bored to about twenty holes using it.

Then we drove twelve 2-inch huge screws to the pilot holes through a pressure-treated beam. Lastly, we started to count the amount of 3-inch coarse thread drywall screws which each of the drill can drive as long as the battery was running.

Powerful Cordless Drive

Dewalt 18V DC927

 This is one of the best and most powerful cordless tools. It weighs around 5.5lb, and provides amp hours of 2.2. The best thing about this tool is that it is pro-graded product and is quite easy-to-handle. Besides that it got a smooth-turning clutch ring. Along with that there is a cool-three speed transmission which comes with a great graphic matching speed. (Reviews: Best 18v Cordless Drills )

The only disadvantage with this product is that besides having one of the best driving and boring chops, still when these activities are combined, the drill was only able to put in few screws just before the battery lifespan got over.

Craftsman 19.2V 315.119100 

Weighing around 3.9 lb, this Craftsman tool provides 1.5 Amp-Hour. The pros of this tool is that even though this model’s body is two inches shorter than the pro ones, still it is an agile tool. In addition, it is smart and quite a hardworking tool, and is available with a gauge that can easily show how much amount of battery is left.

Also, this tool has a good battery-mounting design and besides that it has a well-positioned work light which is simply present at the base of the handle. The con of this tool is that you might have a small issue with the reverse and forward switch, where it will end up among the two positions. This is common for people who are right-handed and use their thumb for clicking.

Ridgid 18V R86006 

 Unlike various competitors, this model weighs around 4.2 lb and has a good amp hour of 1.5. Among the ones available in the market, this one got a slim profile and is very easy to handle. In addition, this tool can hold the bit clips firmly but less aggressive which is still unavailable in most of the other design. The only disadvantage of this model is that it lacks a bigger battery as it will allow drilling more screws. (Best 20v Cordless Drills 2017 )


 Frankly, whenever you are going to choose a cordless drill, make sure to do an extensive research and ask the storekeeper for the entire specifications about it.

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